Truss Quoting Software

Sum+It is a quoting tool being used by numerous truss fabricators across the USA and Canada. Price a custom house plan in minutes instead of hours, using a web-based software developed to improve workflow. When you complete a truss quote in minutes instead of hours, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without Sum+It. Whatever your reason, SUM+IT is an inexpensive tool to improve overall workflow.

    Built to customize with your current pricing and supplier costs.
    Built to suit your job preferences
    Like using a calculator for truss quotes
    Tested and refined to provide accurate quotes on your projects

For Designers

Some truss fabricators are using SUM+IT for 75% of all quote requests and freeing up the truss designers to concentrate on “LIVE” jobs

  • Spend more time on optimizing truss profiles, increasing profits and avoiding errors
  • Spend more time on customer interaction which helps solidify relationships
  • Avoid burnout and regain job satisfaction

For Quoting & Sales

  • Pricing for customers who require a quote for budgetary purposes
  • Pricing for "Tire Kickers"
  • Pricing to relieve overburdened truss designers during peak periods
  • Pricing for sales representatives who are attempting to penetrate new market territories